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Bathroom-fan-not-vented, a bathroom vent or appliance vent cannot be put into a common vent line. when more than one source of air/moisture is connected to a vent line, there is situation where the moist air from one item fills the entire vent plenum and can back feed at the other appliance or condense in it's plenum.. How to vent a bathroom exhaust fan ipower vent hose: participate in giveaways: sign up for dad reviews ne..., what's the purpose of a bathroom fan with no outside venting? one of my bathrooms is set up this way. i'm about to redo the ceiling, and i'd like to replace the fan unit with something better looking, but confused why a fan would not vent to the outside? is it ok to replace with another no-vent unit? should i look into other solutions?.

We are attempting to replace a bathroom fan in a first floor bathroom (full bath) in a two story home. after removing the original fan motor and inspecting the fan housing we found there is no duct system connected and that the fan is venting directly into the space between the floors., 38 awesome bathroom fan not vented outside – to create home in future with couple is an ideal for region is stand every week then we would want to construct the house with unique ideas that our desires..

In this video, this old house general contractor tom silva explains how to vent a bathroom fan. steps: 1. drive nail through house wall from attic; this will serve as a reference point for positioning the wall cap. 2. from outside, use 4¼-inch hole saw to cut hole for wall cap.