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Telescope-mirror-cell-for-sale, mirror cell: one of the most critical parts of a telescope is the mirror cell. whether the mirror is flat on its back when the scope is pointed at zenith, or almost vertical when pointed at the horizon, the mirror cell has to support the mirror perfectly. even the slightest deviation and the image at the eyepiece suffers greatly.. I build custom mirror cells in sizes from 8" and up. i have completed cells for mirrors larger than 1m (~40") in diameter, and have made parts for telescopes as large as 50". please contact me for an estimate for your mirror cell project. in my cells, the mirror sits in a frame and support framework that moves independently of the rest of the cell., page 1 of 3 - coulter 17.5 primary advice. - posted in atm, optics and diy forum: so, i have a bunch of questions in regards to this mirror. my father had one of the odyssey ii big red 17.5 scopes. i looked through it a few times, but it was mostly his deal. i know he had pulled the primary mirror out for cleaning because i helped him do it..

I am selling the following items either individually or as a unit. i would prefer a local pick up, but am willing to ship if the buyer pays the packing, insurance, and shipping costs.i will pay the paypal fees. 17.5 inch mirror-- f/4.57 (80 inches); 1.5 inches thick.the coatings look to be in very good condition., the 17 inch dobsonian in addition to the “clampless-clamp” system i deviated from kriege and berry in some other respects: the short rocker box is possible with the slightly radical side bearings…they are a bit bigger than usual (note the “scimitar” shape and extra thickness for strength)..

Several versions of a 17.5 inch newton telescope that i build in a decade. all were designed as string telescopes., telescope mirror cell for sale. texas patrol security san antonio. the walk in closet consignment katy tx. the gro company gro anywhere blind. teal bedroom dresser. the social room. the woman in the room king. tennis court hire broome. tea party birthday cake. the big one kitchen towels.